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Daizenshuu 7 Dragon Ball Encyclo almnat

💓 Daizenshuu 7 Dragon Ball Encyclo 🌟
Daizenshuu 7 is a collection of dictionaries covering almost every aspect of the Dragon Ball manga.
In the world of DragonBall, the number of words reaches from 80,000 to 100,000. They are divided into three main groups:
Fundraising continues for a new Korean Dragonball website as part of the "Blessed Worlds, Dragonball3" project. The website will be under development and will soon be presented with a presentation at the E3 conference, which will be held in Los Angeles.
Team "Diamond' V" creates a T-shirt with a new painting from the DragonRuby series dedicated to the world of Dragon Gate.
From June 30 to July 7, 2014, Latvia will host the Dragon Crown Forum 2014, the main idea of which is the following: the emergence and development of a new culture of communication.
I am posting one more of my work, I drew it, for the 1 + 1 channel operator.
Maricek from DragonRealm_Art wrote: I would like to know your opinion about the main character.
The end of the season is getting closer and the parting word is already being heard before the final match for the League Cup.
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